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During the peak of the pandemic, Millions of students across the world had to make the switch to online learning. It was a very steep learning curve for many as the traditional classroom model we are accustomed to disappearing overnight, and a new digital classroom took its place. In a lockdown, e-Learning blurred the line between school, home, and work. It allowed the world to keep moving even while we were isolated from our peers and classmates.

Now the world is opening back up, e-Learning is moving in a new direction, acting as a way for us to have even more time to socialize with our friends and family. Flexibility in the hours that we choose to learn means we can continue our education at a time that suits us, whether that is at 6 am or 11 pm. This leaves us plenty of time to pursue other activities we enjoy. Post-pandemic, it feels even more important to spend time doing things we love, so easily accessible and flexible learning is in much higher demand.

e-Learning is not only self-paced but has also shown to be very beneficial for reducing academic stress, increasing information retention, and increasing grades and scores in traditional education establishments.

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By: Will Hopkins

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