Our Programs

Learning is literally in your hands with i-Learn English. All our programs are easy to follow with a 24/7 learning specialist to assist you, a Grammar Doctor who answers your questions, and a teacher who provides you with lessons and follow-up about your learning progress. All of our programs provide:

  • A secured student account for the interactive lessons
  • A placement test to know the learning path


  • A specific course in English depending on their level of English
  • A communication section for both students and teachers to communicate
  • A platform for the encounter class where teachers foster students’ learning
  • A library and open resource online for independent study
  • A reward system and certificate every time an achievement has been made

With i-Learn, the lessons or units are available anytime. You can attend three encounter class lessons with the teacher for 30 minutes a day or extend it even better with a five days session per week through the VIP Tutorial service. If you encounter any issues or you have questions about the lesson, our learning specialist is available to assist you. 

At i-Learn, you have ownership of your learning and we are here to lead you to your English proficiency goals!

i-Learn English Programs